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Boar's Head

Story's sandwiches are made with the finest deli meat and cheese brand around. We have been proudly serving Boar's Head meats and cheeses since we opened back in 2004, and will continue to serve our customers only the best. Any of our deli products can be purchased on their own at any poundage you'd like. We slice it up right in front of you, so you know it's a fresh slice. Come on in and have a taste test and learn why Boar's Head is the best around.

(616) 696-8862


All items are subject to availability.


- Deluxe Ham 
- Maple Glazed Ham (sweet) 
- Tavern Ham (smoked)

- Black Forest Ham



- Oven Gold Roasted Turkey Breast (basic) 
- Maple Glazed Turkey Breast
- Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast 
- Cracked Pepper Smoked Turkey Breast 


- Roast Beef 
- Top Round Corned Beef 
- Top Round Pastrami


- Oven Roasted Chicken
- Teriyaki Chicken

- Ever Roast Chicken


- Prosciutto 

- Pancetta
- Beef Bologna

- Lebanon Bologna 
- Hard Salami

- Olive Loaf


- American Cheese (White & Yellow) 
- Sharp Provolone Cheese 
- Gold Label Swiss Cheese 
- Baby Swiss Cheese 
- Lacey Swiss Cheese 
- Monteray Jack w/ Jalapeño Cheese 
- Vermont Cheddar Cheese (White & Yellow) 
- Horseradish Cheddar Cheese 
- Muenster Cheese 
- Colby Jack Cheese 
- Mozzarella Cheese 
- Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

- Smoked Gouda Cheese

- Havarti Cheese

- Three Pepper Cojack

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