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Story's Products

Here you'll find an extremely short list of HOMEMADE products that were either made here at Story's exclusivley for Story's, products that were made locally, and products that you can take home and make yourself to have that country home cooked meal feel with less the work! Not all products we have in the store are listed here, so please stop in to get the full experience. Oh, and have we mentioned the CHICKEN DIP?! No?!! Oh.. hm.. Well then.. 

(616) 696-8862

Story's Exclusive

Beef Sticks

- Beef Pepper Stick (plain)
- Garlic Pepper Stick (plain / cheese)
- Jalapeño Beef Stick (plain / cheese)
- Pepperoni Beef Stick (plain / cheese)
- Teriyaki Beef Stick (plain / cheese)

- Summer Sausage Stick (plain)

- BBQ Sticks (plain / cheese)

- Honey BBQ (Sweet)

- Country Sticks (plain)

- Honey Mustard Chicken Sticks (plain)


Smoked Jerky

- BBQ Beef / Honey BBQ Beef
- Brown Sugar / Honey Brown Sugar
- Pepper Beef 
- Regular Beef 

- Country Beef
- Teriyaki Beef

- Cajun Beef
- Volcano Pepper Beef

- Teriyaki Turkey 
- Butter/Garlic Turkey 
- Cherry Turkey 
- BBQ Turkey / Honey BBQ Turkey
- Cajun Turkey

- Brown Sugar / Honey Brown Sugar

- Cajun Turkey

- Country Turkey


- 4C's Assorted Cookies

- Ed Dunneback & Girls  Assorted Pies

- Country Dairy Ice Cream Assorted Flavors


- Smoked Chicken Dip (Most Popular!)
- Horseradish Pickles 
- Fiesta Dip 

- Spinach Dip

- Creamy Garlic Dip

- Spicy Feta Dip

- Bar Cheese

- White Fish Dip

- Salmon Dip

Salads & Sides

- Baked Beans 
- Cole Slaw 
- Loaded Potato 
- Macaroni Salad 
- Mustard Potato Salad 
- Pulled Pork BBQ

- Pulled BBQ Chicken

Other Products

Apart from the items listed above, we also offer different asortments of:

Jams/Preserves, Marinades, Sauces, Salsas, and over 20 different Seasonings!

Stop in anytime during normal business hours, and take a look around the store. 



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